Filling Your Everlasting Crackers

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Your everlasting cracker is designed to be reused and refilled year-after-year. Here are some step-by-step instructions for how to fill your crackers:
Everlasting cracker in rhubarb pink surrounded by cocktail making ingredients
Each cracker is made in two halves, one slightly smaller in diameter than the other so they tightly fit together.
Everlasting reusable cracker - shown in two halves
 To fill your crackers, gather together your choice of gifts, joke and hat, along with the snap that comes with the cracker. We recommend choosing gifts that aren't too heavy and fit comfortably into the inner tube of the cracker.
Everlasting reusable cracker shown with gift, joke and snap
 Untie the ribbon at both ends of the cracker and then fill the smaller of the two halves with your choice of contents.
Showing how fill your reusable everlasting cracker
 Position the snap in the smaller half of the cracker along with the other fillings.
How to fill your reusable everlasting cracker with gifts and snap
 Ensure that you can see the end of the snap poking out of the hemmed edge of the cracker - as below:
Everlasting reusable cracker with snap
 Once your cracker is filled and the snap is in position, slot the smaller tube inside the larger tube, ensuring the snap is visible at both ends. Ensure you tightly tie the ribbon at both ends to secure the snap.
Everlasting reusable cracker tied with velvet ribbon
 You should be able to see the snap if you look down each end of the cracker - this is how you know the snap is in the correct place:
Everlasting reusable cracker with snap
When you pull your cracker, please ensure you tightly grasp both ends of the cracker to stop the snap from slipping.
As an extra tip to ensure the snap doesn't slip when the cracker is pulled, we recommend folding both ends of the snap at 45 degrees and stapling these folds as per the below:
This step can be done before or after the cracker has been assembled.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
 We hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
Everlasting reusable cracker with a snap

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